At the helm of EWM is founder Monica Elias, a top media strategist and content production expert guiding the way to help companies in their effort to raise brand visibility and engage key audiences and influencers in the marketplace. She has advised brands and their agency partners in how to effectively connect with their consumers and promote their products using branded content across television, radio, and the Internet.

Elias has built a reputation for her astute multimedia planning and strategic approach and her knack for utilizing the most precise vehicles and channels to raise brand awareness, create consumer engagement, generate meaningful media placement, and increase profitability. Clients have relied on her combined media and production skills to define strategy and to create content. Her success and know-how has earned her the respect and trust of peers and clients who see her as the “go-to” source for guidance. She has worked with top-tier brands and agencies such as Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, DeVries Global, L’Oréal Paris, Mercedes Benz, MSL Group, DeBeers, Ketchum Public Relations, Bank of America, Weber Shandwick, LVMH, and Sunshine Sachs.

Elias founded EWM fueled by her passion to deliver a higher standard of work product and client service experience to the multimedia industry; she has built her reputation on advocacy for and delivery of this kind of commitment to excellence. She incorporates a fresh, partner-minded approach that is proactive, innovative, and discerning while continuing to excel at the tried-and-true techniques of the past. Elias has an emphatic, hands-on mentality and, along with her team, is personally involved in every project, from start to finish.

Elias utilizes her diverse network to forge strategic alliances among public relations agencies, industry experts, media outlets, and brands in a way that boosts both their profiles and their profits. These relationships have created new promotional opportunities for brands, while providing experts a platform by which to raise their presence with media and continue to influence their communities.

A global professional and world citizen, she is well traveled, fluent in English and Arabic, and a connoisseur of global trends, events, and markets.