Dr. Shirley Madhère

Dr. Shirley Madhère is a plastic surgeon who practices using a holistic approach. As with her multi-cultural background, her interests are diverse and contribute to her perspective that beauty and healing emanate from within, and that external appearance is a reflection of inner health of the mind, body, and spirit.

A published author, Dr. Madhère is a prolific contributor to the written word. She is a public speaker, contributes to press publications and to the scientific literature, and has appeared on various media outlets, including ABC, CBS, NBC, NY1, and The Dr. Oz Show. Dr. Madhère serves as the Chairperson of Beauty for Empowerment (B4E), a social enterprise that engages the beauty industry to help empower women worldwide.

She believes that appearance is an expression of beauty and of our overall sense of wellness. Moreover, she understands that looking well is an important aspect of leadership and achieving professional success. According to Dr. Madhère, “Personal style, manifested by what we wear and how we look, mirrors our complexity as human beings. Thus, fashion and beauty are visual markers of who we are and how we communicate that to others. This non-verbal method of communication not only speaks volumes about ourselves, but also bolsters our sense of self and helps us to relate to the world.” Therefore, Dr. Madhère believes that beauty represents the wellness of our inner world. This inner message also plays a role in attraction, i.e., whom and what we bring into our lives, and is thus displayed externally through an interplay of contour, texture, and other non-verbal but powerful cues.

Beauty is integral to Dr. Madhère’s philosophy. It serves as the foundation upon which her work is accomplished. Her professional life involves the care of those who seek to maintain form and function through cosmetic as well as reconstructive plastic surgery. In addition, she is a consultant for new beauty brands, and is currently working with a specialized team to launch several innovative beauty product lines. Therefore, she brings a unique and diversified perspective as well as creativity, credibility, and specialized experience to the entrepreneurial table.

Dr. Madhère studied liberal arts at Boston University then received her medical education at both Dartmouth and Brown Universities. She currently practices her profession in SoHo and the Upper East Side. She resides in New York, is a citizen of the world, and remains a student of life.