Co-Op Satellite Media Tour (Co-Op SMT)

Our co-op satellite media tours (Co-Op SMTs) are different. They are created at distinct times of the year and are aligned with events, seasonal topics, and timely news. Our offering is customized specifically for individual public relations agencies, and in particular for agencies that represent multiple brands and products under a corporate umbrella. They are designed in this manner to encourage a non-competitive environment that promotes equality and enables each agency to exclusively create and control their own tour. Our format can include between 2 and 5 participants and products. Participants share equally in the cost of production and execution and benefit equally from the results. Co-op SMTs are a cost-effective method for clients looking to yield media coverage in a shared environment. This vehicle is optimal for clients on a budget, clients who do not have a spokesperson, clients with products that are new to market, and those looking to quickly boost results in a short amount of time. They provide neutral brand visibility and help diminish commerciality in a segment. We work with you to determine the topic, the talent, and the timing of the tour.