Remote Satellite Media Tour  (Remote SMT)

A remote satellite media tour (Remote SMT) entails a series of secured live and pre-recorded interviews between local and national television network affiliates and your spokesperson. Remote SMTs are executed from an onsite location (non-studio-based) and include the use of satellite technology to make the connection between station and spokesperson. Locations can range from event sites, corporate headquarters, storefronts, tradeshows, dealerships, hotels, beaches, and other private and public venues. Onsite executions require a great deal of technical coordination and know-how, but can be extremely valuable and meaningful for both the client and television stations. Remote SMTs provide a firsthand experience of and look at a property or product, enabling television stations to promote your location and brand more vividly. Our remote SMTs are all-inclusive of television, radio, and Internet interviews and are bundled with supplementary, added-value placements to provide additional opportunities for exposure and to boost results.