Satellite Media Tour (SMT)

A satellite media tour (SMT) entails a series of secured live and pre-recorded interviews between local and national television network affiliates and your spokesperson. SMTs are executed from a studio over the course of several hours and use satellite technology to make the connection between stations and spokesperson. They are designed to maximize your spokesperson’s time and your investment. Our SMTs are all-inclusive of television, radio, and Internet interviews to maximize visibility for your brand and to help your message reach broader audiences. We work with our clients to identify an effective approach to convey their message, crafting a pitch that will dually meet the requirements of media and appeal to viewers. Our proficient media team pitches the story to newsroom producers several weeks in advance of the tour date. Subject to the nature of the story, we aim to secure between 30–40 interviews combined across all mediums to achieve topmost results. While our pitching is far-reaching to include the top 100 DMAs, we are extremely particular about focusing the pitch to our clients’ target markets. We are selective about securing media that is appropriate for the topic and delivers the highest viewership and best market placement. With the guidance of our team, we will work with you to create an attractive studio set to complete the topic visually and showcase your product and talent favorably. SMTs commonly support interesting and timely topics. They are ideal for interviews with celebrities and experts, and for raising awareness around campaigns, seasonal topics, and promoting innovative products.